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Food and Drinks in the Classroom

FAQ – Food and Drinks in the Classroom


Q: Are students allowed drinks during class?

A: Yes! Due to COVID-19, all water fountains have been converted to bottle filling stations. Please send a clean water bottle with your student every day so they can stay hydrated during the day.

Q: Can I send a sports drink, soda, or another item for my student to drink during the day? They don’t really like water.

A: It is Eisenhower Elementary policy that we only allow water in our classrooms. This not only makes any accidental spills easier to clean up but also keeps any children with food-related allergies safe.

Q: Can I provide snacks for the class on my child’s birthday?

A: On page 7 of the Enid Public Schools Elementary Student Handbook it states the following Birthday parties may not be held at school. For the consideration of all students birthday party treats and invitations will not be handed out at school. Balloons, plants, and flowers will not be delivered to classrooms.”

Q: Do students have a snack break during class? How do I donate snacks to my child’s classroom?

A: Yes, our PreK – 2nd-grade students do get a snack break every day. 3rd and 4th grades take snack breaks at the teacher’s discretion or the direction of the principal.

As always, the health of our students and staff is one of our highest priorities, in order to ensure all quarantine and safety measures possible Eisenhower Elementary currently purchases snacks in bulk from EPS Central Kitchen. We gladly provide a snack to any student who needs one from this supply. If you would like to make a monetary donation to help offset the purchase of snacks please contact Mrs. Danielle at the office at 580-366-8100 and she can assist you.