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Base Access for Parents

How to get access to Vance Air Force Base


At Eisenhower not all our families are military-affiliated. Since we are located within the gates of Vance Air Force Base we are able to offer DBIDs (base passes) to our families who do not hold military ID’s. We are thankful to Vance Air Force Base for granting this ability to our parents and staff.

*If you currently hold a base pass please check the expiration date to ensure you will have base access before Meet the Teacher on August 16th. If your pass expires AFTER 08-16-2021 please pick up a DBIDs application on Meet the Teacher Night and contact the office when you have updated your pass. 

*If your pass expires before 8-16-2021 or you are a new family to Eisenhower and need a pass for the first time please call 580-366-8100 as soon as possible to set up a time to get your pass made.

Some things to know:

In order for your student to attend Eisenhower, someone who lives in your household must obtain base access while your student is enrolled. This person must be able to come to the school if your student becomes ill or there is an emergency. If you do not obtain a base pass by October 8, 2021, your student will be transferred to another school in the district. 

To get a pass made the following items are required: 1) a completed and signed DBIDs application, 2) VALID driver's license, 3) CURRENT vehicle insurance, 4) CURRENT proof of registration. 

Please call and speak with Danielle or Dr. Murphy at 580-366-8100 if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you!